Fenster Tek Ltd, is a Canadian based fenestration importer/distributor supplying products of choice for discriminating architects, designers and contractors as well as providing outstanding customer support.


With the ever-changing requirements of building regulations, Building Code requirements, and energy codes; the need for High Performance glazing systems has never been more relevant than now. Whether it be residential, commercial, or light industrial; Fenster Tek Ltd strives to supply some of the world’s finest hand crafted, high energy performing and longest lasting window and door systems within the Canadian construction market for new construction, and renovation works alike.   These chracteristics is what makes up a High Performance glazing system.


In the days which preceded Fenster Tek, the people behind this name were heavily involved for over two decades in project management as general contractors for high end residential, commercial, and institutional projects.  Along the way, what we discovered was that not all glazing systems were created equal.  The challenge was put to us to find a better system, a longer lasting system, a more energy efficient system, a higher quality system; essentially a Higher Performing System, which ultimately lead to better comfort, lower maintenance, and ofcourse better results in energy consumption.   These attributes are what our clients require whether it be for Passive House requirements, Net Zero Performance, LEED certification, Built-Green construction, or simply High Quality construction.   Our products have been chosen to meet these needs where others could not.   Through our own experiences as contractors we have been able to choose product lines for not only their aesthetic appeal, multitude of features, and customization; but for all of these reasons and characteristics which form what is commonly referred to as High Performance glazing.   Our desire to find the very best in glazing solutions has lead us on a search through North America, Europe, and parts of Asia.   Ultimately, we have made our choices based on product performance and the compatibility that we sought out in the partners associated with these illustrious products.


The team at Fenster Tek are of a unique background in that we have the ability to interface with home builders, commercial contractors, architects, building envelope engineers, and ultimately end users alike.  Our disciplined approach towards customer satisfaction, job coordination, detail creation and implementation has resulted in what many have called a rather unique group of individuals.  We know that we possess a skill set that most others in this industry do not.   Let is show you what you have been missing thus far and introduce you to a higher form of quality and performance whose proof is ultimately shown by the satisfaction of the end users themselves.  Our greatest achievement is in knowing that our clients have been served by us to achieve a level of satisfaction that they had not known before.   This is the Fenster Tek way.   It is with this philosophy that we have chosen our product partners.  It is with this desire to succeed in obtaining your satisfaction that we urge you to come and work with us.   It is with this thinking that we approach all aspects of what we do.  For all your glazing solutions, come see us at Fenster Tek Ltd.   We know you will be impressed.