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Developed in 2004 by Swiss metal construction and glass facade specialist Krapf AG, air-lux exemplifies uncompromising quality. Whether destined for use in a private home in the countryside or a high-rise in the city centre, with air-lux we offer customized solutions from a single source – from planning to production and installation. Our system enables architects, facade planners, general contractors and property owners to create groundbreaking buildings with glass facades.​

air-lux is both high-tech combined with precision craftsmanship – we use state-of-the-art machinery and hand craftsmanship in our factory halls to process steel, chromium steel, architectural bronze and aluminum with the highest precision.  With air-lux, we guarantee uncompromising quality.  It’s the reason why we produce in Switzerland, why we have our own in-house development department and why we train our planners and metal builders ourselves. 

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