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Why Fenstertek

Canadian Owned

Customer Driven

Canadian-owned and operated since 2011, Fenstertek is proud to offer some of the very best door and window systems on the market. Our team of experienced professionals are excited to work with you to determine your needs and develop the very best solution for your project. From residential to commercial construction and everything in between our team works tirelessly to make sure that every customer gets the attention that they deserve. 


Through our own experiences as contractors, we have been able to choose some of the most high-performing product lines in the industry. Our desire to find the very best in glazing solutions has lead us on a search through North America, Europe, and parts of Asia.  Ultimately, we have made our choices based on product performance and the compatibility partnering with the very best in the world.

High Performance

With the ever-changing requirements of building regulations, building code requirements, and energy codes; the need for high-performance glazing systems has never been more relevant. Whether it be residential, commercial, or light industrial, Fenstertek Ltd strives to supply some of the world’s finest, hand-crafted,  longest lasting window and door systems. These characteristics are what make up a High-performance glazing system.


Not all glazing systems are created equal.  Fenstertek offers some of the highest performing systems on the market. This leads to better comfort, lower maintenance, and superior energy consumption.  These attributes are what our clients require whether it be for Passive House requirements, Net Zero Performance, LEED certification, Built-Green construction, or just simply high-quality construction.

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